P2-400~2000T Straight Side Eccentric Gear Mechanical Press

Man machine interface (double CPU)

I clearly show the working state

Direct fault display

I repair instructions

I read from the brake performance monitoring

Static SPM display.

Strong support function development

Dead stop automatic compensation


Standard configuration
Hydraulic overload protection device.
Electric automatic lubricating device.
Electric slide adjusting device.
Electric die height indicator
I slide and die balancing device
Electronic cam control display.
I read from the brake performance monitoring device
Static SPM display function.
I repair instructions function
When the air source socket
The air blowing device.
Two degree drop protection device
The frequency control motor.
My fault detecting device
When the main motor reversing device
When the electronic trip counter
Pre cut counter
Preset counter.
One power socket
Independent control box.
T mobile operating platform
When the base plate and the bolt
Maintenance tool box.
Operating instructions

Special configuration
Pneumatic die cushion lifting device
A photoelectric safety device.
When the slider lifting device
I die lighting device
I know death under inspection
When the pedal operation switch
The flywheel brake device.
Safety block bolt
Moving table
I lift the mold, clamps the mold or die arm
Automatic feeding system
Stepping shock